Helsinki South Harbour


Helsinki, Finland

Concurso de IdeiasInternational Ideas Competition


HEDERA: Species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping plants (...) Within its native range, the species is greatly valued for attracting wildlife. The flowers are visited by several species for nectar (...) The foliage provides evergreen shelter. Metcalfe, D.J. (2005) Hedera Helix L. – Journal of ecology nº268 | 93: 632-648

We replaced, the biology description by a urban one: HEDERA: Type of urban element located on a specific location and widespread through the city structure in a symbiotic relationship. It acts as an attraction pole for urban life but also as an organizer of city functions, enhancing the existing urban structure. The element acts as a functional part of the city structure as well as, focusing on allowing the interaction between humans and nature, between humans themselves, 24h/day, 365 days a year.
GOALS: Symbiotic relationship between city, harbour and urban life

1.Allow the continuous circulation of pedestrians and bicycles around the South Harbour as well as connections to the arteries of Helsinki without car interference - as a safe, functional and pleasant experience; 2.Explore different relationships with the sea: close range (deep you toes in the water), medium range (smell the seaside in the park or café), high range (contemplate the landscape of the city of Helsinki and the Baltic shore);
3.Experience urban life and port activity at once: the cruise ships terminals are part of the South Harbour identity, citizens and visitors of Helsinki should be able to experience its daily activity. The new function of the South Harbour as pole for urban life must not disturb the functioning of the port but rather coexist and interact with it;
4.Transform the South Harbour into the heart of the city of Helsinki – an extension of the existing city centre as well as an enhancement of the existing spirit of the area;
5.Create a connection space between nature and the existing urban structure – a place for public interaction, open to the sea, open to the city, connecting both.