Pushkinsky Cinema Hall


Moscow, Russia

Concurso de IdeiasInternational Ideas Competition


The design concept defines itself as a new shell, generating interior and exterior space, built with modulated Glass containers (with projection/reflection capability dependent of the direction it faces) in a parallel offset from the original building. The glass module has a pure, geometric, triangulated, container like design, embedded in the previous mentioned structural grid. This grid is a direct extrusion of the existent and original façade composition.

Water acts as a catalyst for the cycled, seasonal change of matter1 due to the temperatures that affects Moscow Weather and symbolizes the Annual character of the MIFF2 Events in a poetic and infinite loop of changes assuming the symbolic role of the building changed face. Water in different states of matter (solid and liquid) is an added plastic value. This water fills the façade containers and brings the weather and geographical context to the conversation with the surroundings. The chosen materials inherit transparency from one another's and brings, with the correct lightning a kaleidoscope of controlled iconography to the city of Moscow and to the Pushkin Square.