inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to something creative; a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea; the divine influence believed to have led to a magnificent something; the drawing in of creative breath.

expiration: give off the design; the act of emitting the final design; termination; death of the creation, beginning of the materialization; make amends or reparation for all the lunatic ideas that never came to be...

Danish Pavillion


A apresentação desta casa dinamarquesa é muito bem feita, embora um pouco lento,
o vídeo faz-nos perceber a função e características de cada espaço de uma forma muito clara!

London Thatch by James Kirk – wooow!!!!


This is the perfect example of the world we are living in today. A graduation project in architecture proposes the refurbishment of London Postwar housing into giant “mushroom pagodas” with the so outdated excuse of using a local material – wetland of reeds – in a traditional construction  – nostalgia – to train local unemployed residents a skill – that they cant apply to real life and thus earn for living – and that can be extended/constructed over time – we all know the end result of that is nothing happens.



This is a small animation a did as an exercise to experiment and explore all the graphical possibilities of representing the idea of the SPHERE, always thinking in searching Gestalt and form. Its all done in 3d, but i was more interested in the graphical interest, flatten the surfaces, and only two colors, why more.The most difficult was to achieve the transitions between the different type of representation of the sphere, the morphing and metamorphosing.

OPT ® Promotional Video



O © studio metroquadrado ® desenvolveu três vídeos promocionais para a OPT (Optimização e Planeamento de Transportes, S.A.)

A OPT tem como área central de atividade a gestão operacional do transporte coletivo urbano, destacando-se no desenvolvimento de soluções informáticas avançadas para a gestão e otimização de sistemas de transportes e geração automática de informação ao público, como por exemplo, o sistema MOVE-ME.