inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to something creative; a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea; the divine influence believed to have led to a magnificent something; the drawing in of creative breath.

expiration: give off the design; the act of emitting the final design; termination; death of the creation, beginning of the materialization; make amends or reparation for all the lunatic ideas that never came to be...

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Yuri Suzuki – Looks Like Music

Mudam Publics Summer Project
For its summer project, Mudam’s Publics Department invited the Japanese creator Yuri Suzuki to conceive Looks Like Music, an audiovisual installation based on his work Colour Chaser. This consists of a miniature robot which detects and follows a circuit – a black line traced in marker pen – interspersed with coloured reference points that the device translates in sound.

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Internet’s favorite bad girl (next to M.I.A., of course) MØ becomes a bit of your ideal daughter-in-law thanks to the perfect amount of cowbell in new song Never Wanna Know. Taken from her forthcoming EP Bikini Daze (what a name), it sets right next to the Diplo-produced “full of swagger”-jam XXX 88 and shows that MØ isn’t all about dancing and having fun but has a more melancholic side to her as well.