inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to something creative; a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea; the divine influence believed to have led to a magnificent something; the drawing in of creative breath.

expiration: give off the design; the act of emitting the final design; termination; death of the creation, beginning of the materialization; make amends or reparation for all the lunatic ideas that never came to be...

Innovative animated gifs


Whether it’s a website with strategically placed, imagery-rich cinemagraphs (photographs with a minor and repeated movement action) or an exploration into mind-bending art, there’s little question that animated GIFs remain a viable technology in design.


Sure, the pulsating geometric patterns and loud colors that are intrinsic to their work might not translate into an e-commerce site; but these artists’ stylistic visions serve to remind us that experimenting with what’s considered rudimentary can produce some pretty fascinating results.

Depth Design and why should we start with Flat?


To understand the next trend i always choose to follow the preceding one. FLAT DESIGN seems to be trend of the hour, and since 2006! it is…

Is time to talk about next one, DEPTH DESIGN but first :

So, what is Flat Design?

As the name indicates, flat design is defined by flatness of style: simplifying an interface by removing extra elements such as shadows, bevels, textures and gradients that create a 3D look.

Projecto Vitrina @ ESAD


12 Montras, 12 Intervenções

No âmbito do Mestrado em Design de Comunicação, o Projeto Vitrina apresenta 12 intervenções em espaços comerciais das ruas da Baixa do Porto.

Vitrina é um projeto inovador pensado como uma contribuição para a promoção da revitalização do panorama visual das ruas da Baixa do Porto, criando montras dinâmicas em espaços comerciais.




This simple concept followed the direct link with the nautical bearings that are used while tracking routes by sailors (or captains) when at sea. This analogy provides the work “direction” and is chosen by the need to represent graphically the two major classes of boats currently recognised in sailing. This is 1/3 of the concept : two major directions 10 to -10º simulate bigger cruise classes and 60 to – 60º simulate other easier and flatter categories.

Qtec ® Catálogo | Catalogue



A empresa de inspecções Qtec é conhecida pela sua capacidade de adaptar os seus serviços aos clientes. Os suportes desenvolvidos – folhas individuais e tríptico, transmitem a ideia de competência, organização, diversidade e estrutura. Uma linguagem conceptual clara, bem definida onde o contraste entre o vermelho vivo e o preto e branco criam camadas de informação distintas e dinâmicas.