inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to something creative; a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea; the divine influence believed to have led to a magnificent something; the drawing in of creative breath.

expiration: give off the design; the act of emitting the final design; termination; death of the creation, beginning of the materialization; make amends or reparation for all the lunatic ideas that never came to be...

New Sculptural Collages Made from Antiquarian Books by Alexander Korzer-Robinson


New Sculptural Collages Made from Antiquarian Books by Alexander Korzer Robinson sculpture paper collage books

Like a traditional sculptor carving away at a piece of stone, artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson eviscerates text and whitespace leaving only the images. In doing so he creates entirely new narratives using only the pre-existing illustrations, charts, graphs and other visual elements printed inside of each book. Of his work he says:

By using pre-existing media as a starting point, certain boundaries are set by the material, which I aim to transform through my process.

wind knitting factory


Wind Knitting Factory

With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits from the outside towards the inside of a building. The knitted material is harvested from time to time and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves. Each scarf has its own label which tells you in how much time it has been knitted and on which date.

How much does it take to be a genius?


For those who think that perfection is something that falls from the sky I will share the words that Giorgio Vasari once said about the talent, dazzle and effort he saw in his friend Michelangelo (probably he was his only friend):

“His imagination was so powerful that his hands were incapable of executing the grand, terrible ideas his spirit conceived, so he often spoiled or abandoned works halfway through.

The Lolita Cover Project – A Casa Portuguesa

by – The Lolita Cover Project by… – - The Lolita Cover Project by @JessicaHische.

What if?

A Casa Portuguesa tivesse interiores (papel de parede, portadas, revestimento de w.c., cozinhas ou outro) feitos com ilustrações inspiradas na renda tradicional de diferentes zonas de Portugal impresso em materiais pouco comuns…

Cada ilustração fosse feita por um artista convidado e integrada num catálogo para escolha pelos clientes…

cheungvogl: boat timber installation at aesop, hong kong


cheungvogl: boat timber installation at aesop, hong kong.

Há uns tempos, cismei que ia reutilizar toda a madeira das linhas de caminho de ferro desactivadas. Fizemos isso uma vez, no exterior de uma habitação, até que nos foi dito que, devido aos químicos a que as traves de madeira haviam sido expostas não era possível utiliza-las para qualquer uso arquitectónico e/ou urbano.